Bitcoin Cash Notes

We manufacture and sell Bitcoin Cash Notes

We have released the 5mBCH note honoring Gavin Andresen!

Watch our other denominations, or separately watch the 1mBCH notes, 50mBCH notes or 100mBCH notes in action!

What are Bitcoin Cash Notes?


They are non-loaded Bitcoin Cash paper wallets that look like real money. A private key has been encapsulated into each note underneath a tamper-evident seal. They can be loaded with Bitcoin Cash using the public address printed on the note. You may access to the Bitcoin Cash at any time by uncovering the private key.


Why would anybody want to buy Bitcoin Cash notes?


We think they look super cool. Anybody that first sees them in real life is instantly captivated and curious. Because of this, they are an absolutely awesome way to tip or gift! Anybody who receives one will be instantly very grateful resulting in a memorable moment. We can’t think of a more cost effective way to tip or gift with such great results.


Also If you are a huge supporter of BCH, our notes are the perfect way to bring a non-crypto friend or relative onto the bandwagon! Just load some notes with BCH and hand them over to a friend or relative, who will instantly own some BCH.


A little more about us and our view of the world…


We operate with high standards of integrity and value the trust our customers provide. We love to focus on producing Bitcoin Cash Notes that are beautifully designed, portable, durable, secure, tamper evident and counterfeit resistant. Our processes are always improving to ensure our notes are manufactured for quality.


We also consider ourselves to be a social enterprise. In the long term, we would love for our notes to transform into something that provides economic freedom to the unbanked billions of people in the world, who are constantly being ravaged by inflation. But for now, Bitcoin Cash Notes are just a bit of fun for us regular banked people.

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