Bitcoin Cash Notes

Manufacturing premium Bitcoin Cash Notes for an affordable and secure BCH cold storage solution.

Introducing Bitcoin Cash Notes


Our Premium Bitcoin Cash Notes are polymer-based paper wallets for an affordable and secure BCH cold storage solution.


The main use cases are:


  • Separate your coins over multiple wallets for enhanced security.
  • Have a secure cold storage solution when affordability is a concern.
  • A cool gift idea for spreading BCH to family, friends or strangers.


The clear advantages are:


  • Affordable: the most affordable and secure cold storage solution on the market.
  • Secure: many security features such as a tamper evident seal and light impenetrable material.
  • Durable: made from polymer and other materials make it resistant to damage.
  • Portable: spread your coins over multiple lightweight and paper thin wallets.
  • Integrity: our staff and processes are committed to doing the right thing by our customers.
  • Ease of Use: they can be loaded and unloaded with ease for any crypto novice.
  • Beautiful: they look like cash with each denomination uniquely designed and commemorative.


We also provide a free tool for User-Generated Bitcoin Cash Notes, which allows customizable paper wallets that can be printed on your home or office printer. They are the perfect way to spread BCH in a fun way.

About us


We operate with high standards of integrity and value the trust our customers provide. Our processes are always improving to ensure that our notes are manufactured for quality.


We are social enterprise that is striving to help bring economic freedom for the world. Bitcoin Cash Notes have the potential to transform into the future of cash for billions of people in the world. For now though, they are an affordable and effective tool for cold storage and spreading BCH adoption.

Offering premium Bitcoin Cash Notes for affordable and secure cold storage. (full set below)

Also offering user-generated Bitcoin Cash Notes! Customize and print for FREE! (see video below)

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