Do you plan on supplying notes denominated in anything other than Bitcoin Cash?

No. We believe in a peer-to-peer electronic cash system that is scalable and always maintains low transaction fees. Furthermore, we support the scaling roadmap as detailed by bitcoincash.org to bring us world decentralised sound electronic money.


Will you be supplying other denominations in future?

More note denominations are planned for listing as consumer demand directs.


Which countries are Bitcoin Cash Notes available in?

Bitcoin Cash Notes do not contain any cryptocurrency and are therefore available worldwide.


How long does it take to delivery my items?

We use Australia Post who indicate 10+ business days for international postage. This excludes public holidays and time in customs if applicable, and may be subject to delays due to causes outside the control of Australia Post. Local postage typically takes 4+ business days.


Why are your notes not pre-loaded?

The regulatory environment for supplying pre-loaded notes is too burdensome at this point in time, as such we only supply non-loaded notes. This does not prevent our customers from loading the notes with Bitcoin Cash at their own discretion. If you do not own Bitcoin Cash, you might consider purchasing some from local.bitcoin.com


Where can I purchase Bitcoin Cash Notes from (other than your website)

Our current official channels for purchase are bitcoincashnotes.com and OpenBazaar PeerID: QmeKGjuYhK8S23L3X3KLxF3ojTWor9GrVaJMGrfzxzoeQB. Bitcoin Cash is the required method of payment through all channels.


Can I purchase the notes for resale?

Yes. We consider ourselves to be primarily a manufacturer and enjoy focusing on this aspect of our business. Please contact us if you have an interest in bulk purchases.


Are Bitcoin Cash Notes just paper wallets?

Yes, they are really just non-loaded paper wallets, but taken to the next level of innovation where they have been made with beauty, security, durability, portability and integrity in mind.


Can the notes be counterfeited or hacked?

Yes, by no means are these notes foolproof. We are continually enhancing the security of our notes with security updates. Please see our changelog for note version history. Nevertheless, a determined forger or attacker could successfully hack a note. The best step you can take to mitigate this risk is to purchase directly from us. Other steps you could take would be to carefully inspect the note for any irregularities, read about authenticating the integrity of a Bitcoin Cash Note.


Am I allowed to open the tamper seal and access the private key?

You may open the seal and access the private key at any time. Find further advice and instruction on accessing the private key here.


How do you ensure the private key on the notes stays really private?

We use a tamper-evident seal, light impenetrable material and scrambling text. We endeavour to continuously improve the technology with time.


What happens if I transfer Bitcoin Cash into the note through its public address?

Doing this will load the note with Bitcoin Cash. You can then electronically transfer the Bitcoin Cash at a latter date by accessing the encapsulated private key.