Collect the funds from a note

Collect the funds from a Bitcoin Cash Note


Step 1. (First time using Electron Cash? Skip to Step 3.)

Click on the drop down wallet carat.


Step 2.

Select “Add  new wallet”.


Step 3.

Select “Import Addresses or Private Keys”


Step 4.

Select the QR Code icon at the top right hand side.


Step 5.

Focus the camera onto the Private Qr Code on the Bitcoin Cash Note until it registers. Careful not to accidentally register the Public QR Code as the camera can be quite sensitive!


Step 6.

Notice the private key has been filled in for you. Now click “Next”


Step 7.

Click “Import”


Step 8.

Enter a name and password for the wallet, then hit “Save”.


Step 9.

Press “Open New Wallet”.