Premium Notes

Premium Bitcoin Cash Notes

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Security features


Please visit the changelog for version details of all current and historical premium Bitcoin Cash Notes. Also, you can learn how to inspect the integrity of a premium note.


1. The note id

This is the production number of the note. All Bitcoin Cash Notes are produced sequentially and are marked as such.


2. The version number

The version number provides the exact release of the note. All changes to the note are released with a new version number – please see our changelog for details of the version history. Each release has a note id range associated with it, which is the note ids that were printed as of the particular version.


3. The face value

The face value is only for display purposes.


4. The Bitcoin Cash public address

The unique public address in Bitcoin Cash address format for the note and its corresponding private key.


5. The Public Address QR Code

The QR code displayed on the note is an alternative ‘matrix barcode’ representation of the unique Bitcoin Cash address printed on the note. Use the QR code to conveniently capture the Bitcoin Cash address for blockchain explorer validation.


6. The disclaimer

As stated on all of our notes releases, and also found in our terms and conditions.


7. The tamper-evident seal

The tamper-evident seal, is a holographic security labels that shows when tampering is attempted, where it is impossible to re-seal without the traces of the tampering. The private qr and key are concealed underneath the tamper-evident seal (details below).

The 4 digit code printed at the top left-hand corner of the tamper-evident seal provides enhanced security against covering a tampered seal with a new seal. The 4 digit code equals the last 4 digits of the Bitcoin Cash address.


6. The private qr and key

Underneath the tamper evident seal is the private key qr and text and is where much of the note innovation and security is located. The private key is non-deterministic meaning it is unique, random and independently generated for the note. The private key is a string of random characters embedded underneath a tamper evident seal. The private qr can also be found underneath the seal and is present for easy sweeping of any bitcoin cash associated with it. Within the seal, the private key is further concealed with light impenetrable material, and scrambling text. Any copies of the key made during the manufacture of the note e.g. for printing purposes, have been destroyed.


To access the private key, gently peel the tamper-evident seal to expose the printed qr and key, it can help to use tweezers and start from a corner. The private key qr is printed on a small square label adhered to the note. Using your BCH wallet, select the sweep using qr function to conveniently sweep the BCH contained. Click here for detailed instructions on sweeping funds from a note.


The private key text is also printed in tiny font on a small square label facing down and adhered to the tamper seal. It is present in addition to the printed qr as a fail-safe measure. Most people can read it with the naked eye and bright light, however if that is difficult then taking a photo with your phone and zooming the image will make it easy. When taking the photo, it is more important to not have a blurry image so keep the camera very still and avoid having the camera lens too close to the note. The most effective way is to use a magnifying glass or loupe to read it – but normally that is not necessary.


The following characters are never found in the private key:

  • 0 (zero)
  • O (capital o)
  • I (capital i)
  • l (lower case L)


The only possible characters include: 123456789ABCDEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz