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29/04/2019 – 100 mBCH note released with Roger Ver as the face

100mBCH Bitcoin Cash Note

About the 100 mBCH note

  • Bitcoin Cash can now be purchased as physical notes in the 100 mBCH denomination.
  • These notes come pre-loaded with 100 mBCH (or 0.1 BCH) per note (worth approx USD $26 as of this article).
  • The note has Roger Ver as its face as a commemoration for his service to Bitcoin Cash.
  • The initial release version is 0.1.0 (or 100mbch-v0.1.0).
  • Collector notes are available with the note manufacture number between #1 and #99.
  • The 100 mBCH note has several differences to the previously released 1 mBCH note, including:
    • a golden color, as opposed to the standard orange.
    • paper that is heavier, denser, far more durable, and has a slight transparency.
    • the private key placed in the center of the note, as opposed to the right side.
    • enhanced security with a larger tamper seal protecting the private key.
    • the face of the note (Roger Ver) being placed to the right of the note, as opposed to the center.
    • a longer length dimension.
    • slightly thicker white border spacing.
    • several of the design features both on the back and front of the note, although the overall design theme remains relatively unchanged.

About BCH notes in general

  • Bitcoin Cash Notes are BCH preloaded paper wallets that look and feel like real money.
  • Each note contains Bitcoin Cash equal to the amount printed as its face value.
  • A private key has been encapsulated in each note underneath a tamper-evident seal, giving you access to the Bitcoin Cash at any time.
  • Bitcoin Cash Notes are great for tipping, gifting, or simply enjoying them yourself.
  • Collector notes are also available with the low note manufacture numbers between #1 and #99.


  • Bitcoin Cash Notes can be purchased direct at
  • Global Notes Pty Ltd (based in Melbourne, Australia) is the manufacturer of Bitcoin Cash Notes and operator of
  • Global Notes is a social enterprise that is focussed on bringing economic freedom to the unbanked billions of people in the world.

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