As of the 2nd of May, 2019

Note Disclaimer (as it appears on our current notes)

WARNING: Please exercise caution as the Note has limited safeguards and various potential failure points. The Issuer (Global Notes Pty Ltd) promises that when the Note left its possession: a) There was a non-deterministic private key recorded beneath the tamper-evident seal that could be used to transfer the amount and type of cryptocurrency stated on the face of the Note; and b) The public address printed on the Note corresponded to the private key; and c) Any copies of the private key made e.g. for manufacturing purpose, were destroyed. Notwithstanding, the Issuer does not accept any liability to any person for anything that has happened in relation to the Note, the cryptocurrency, the public address or the private key, regardless of the timing or nature of the fault or cause. Moreover, the person imaged on the Note is not related to the Issuer and is displayed only for honorary (historical on the 1mBCH note) purpose.

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